About Me

Claire a woman with many thoughts and her heart set on traveling. Claire is a graduate from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee with a Bachelor's Degree in Global Communications with an Asian Studies certificate, and emphasis on Japan. Claire is currently looking into her options for graduate school and to find some way to travel/study abroad again.

Claire studied Japanese since middle school and continued through college, but is yet fluent. It is on her goals to continue to learn about Japan, it's language and culture. As a kid her older sibling introduced her to Japanese animation through the likes of Dragon Ball Z, Sailor Moon, Devil Hunter Yohko, etc. Ever since then she was entranced by Japan.

Claire has traveled practically around the world only stopping in a few places Japan mainly, (through ) South Korea, France, and the United Kingdom (England) and has her heart set on more places. Check out her travel list.

The blog title "Lightning: Free Falling" stems from a video game character Lightning from Final Fantasy XIII. The personality of  Lightning resonated with Claire and stuck with her. The Lightning: Free Falling is another version of her previous blog called Lightning Kick, Free Falling came from when Claire graduated and started her real life.

Lightning: Free Falling is all about Claire's thoughts, her journey to graduate school, Japanese related things, fashion, video games, and lifestyle related things.

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