Graduate School Bound: American University

I finally decided to take the plunge and apply for graduate school!

I've been on the fence about this for many reasons, but I kicked my own ass out of the rut that I got myself into and applied. I applied to the American University for their online International Relations Masters program, emphasis on U.S Foreign Policy and National Security.

Yikes much?

Quite honestly I'm not too confident in myself. I just feel so under prepared a because my undergraduate degree was so broad, and now I'm focusing on something so specific with no previous work on it.

It's crazy.
I'm nervous.

Also there's so much additional stuff I need to do in order to apply:
-take GRE (why does it cost so much to take a quiz??)
-buy a new computer
-figure out finances
-figure out my life
-adult properly?

Fake it until you make it right?

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