No good Review: Japanese Cosmetics Sailor Moon Star Power Liquid Eyeliner

Because I love Sailor Moon and the fact that I'm waiting to explode for the new and remastered Sailor Moon series that's coming out next month, AND the fact that I'm still looking for pen brush eyeliner, AND during my mini haul I picked up this awesome looking eyeliner.

Unfortunately it wasn't as awesome as it looked.

スターパワープリズム リキッドライナー(ブラック)
Product Details:
"...SAILOR MOON Star Power Liquid Liner helps to draw very fine eyeliner which can be maintained 24 hours. Extra-fine brush with the tip of 0.1 mm, easy to draw. Easy application and suitable for beginners to us, leaving the makeup pretty & special." (Sasa website)

Danielle’s Review

Product Name: Sailor Moon Star Power Liquid Liner
Type: Japanese Drugstore
Color: Black
Price: $12.90 + tax
Results: Clean application, faint color
Overview: I picked this up because of two reasons, I love Sailor Moon and I wanted another Japanese brand eyeliner. I thought the casing of the eye liner was super cute and had high hopes especially with the easy application. Unfortunately the color does not last as long as I thought it would. It's supposed to be 24 hours of wear time, but I think it more of 3-4 hours of wear time before it starts to fade away. On the plus side I love the brush and casing.

Not Recommended:  The wear time is the most important part about eyeliner!

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