Japanese Beauty Product: Kiss Me Heroine Eyeliner

The long awaited review of the Kiss Me Heroine Eyeliner review that I showed in this post, finally here is the review for it.

I picked up Kiss Me Heroine Eyeliner because I needed better eyeliner and of course buy as much Japanese make up as I can while I was in Japan. One of my friends suggested it to me while we were out at the local target like shopping center, Besia. She also mentioned that it was water proof and it worked pretty well.

Instantly I was curious and I bought it.

A little bit about Kiss Me Heroine, It's a Japanese cosmetic line that's fairly popular in Japan. Their signature is the anime girl showing different expressions but showcasing the product that's encased is the not-so-demon plastic. Kiss Me Heroine sells things from Mascara to eyeliner to eyelash curlers. The packaging is what got me, it's cute.

~Product Features~

▶ Kiss Me Heroine Make Impact Eyeliner is highly water-proof and anti-smudge, allowing a truly long-lasting effect. Chamomile extract and camellia extract contained protects delicate skin around eyes.  The narrow brush of Kiss Me Heroine Make Impact Eyeliner enables you to draw precise flawless eye lines easily.

I recently dropped mine, cracking the case a little bit, there's no leakage thankfully!

My Review:

Scent:  None
Texture: Smooth and easy to apply.
Price: Not sure at the time, Currently approx.$10.60
Results: Pretty good. It's actually waterproof.
Overall: As a basic black liquid eyeliner this is pretty good. It's easy to apply and the brush is thin and allows me to get close to the eyelid so I don't have to add the pencil eyeliner on my upper water lid. The only thing that bothers me is when applying it you have to let it dry a bit before blinking otherwise you will get some of the product on your crease line. As for being waterproof, it seems to be waterproof at least on my eyelid, but as for winged eyeliner, not so much. I love the brush, but as for repurchasing this is something I wouldn't do unless I was fiending for it or maybe after I finish my other eyeliners.

Wanna buy it? 

Kiss Me: Heroine Make


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