Korean Beauty Product Review: Etude House Collagen Moistfull Facial Mist

This little beauty was something I picked up while in South Korea along with It's Skin Aqua Serum (Review Here) and another cute little gem.

 This spray wasn't as random as the moisturizer that I picked up at the Seoul Airport. Before going to Japan I noticed a Korean or Japanese woman spraying a mist on to her face before the flight attendants called for the passengers to board. I was confused as to what she sprayed on her face, and why.

I later came to a conclusion that it was a moisturizer during the flight since the air conditioning on planes easily dry out ones face.

~Product Features~

 ▶  Soothing facial mist formulated with Baobab Fruit extract and Hydrolyzed Collagen to supply moisture and elasticity care to skin. 

          ~How to Use~

 ▶ Hold back from face 6-10 inches and spray and gently pat into skin. Avoid the eyes and lips.

My Review:
Scent: There's a light scent but nothing too over powering.
Texture: It's light and silky when it is rubbed in.
Results: My skin feels plump and moist
 Price: Not sure at the time, but current price is about $20.00
It took me a while to get used to spraying things on to my face, I trained myself while in Japan, but I was still hesitant. I mostly use this when I forget to put moisturizer on (almost daily). This mist not only tightens my skin but it also works when I have make up mishaps. Also it's good to give my skin a refresher through out the day with the autumn Midwest weather. Etude House in general has a lot of convenient and cute beauty products so this is a definite re-buy when I run out of this bottle and my other mists.
Check out Etude House's Website! : http://www.etudehouse.com/eng/main.jsp#wrap 

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