Korean Beauty Product Review: It's Skin Aqual Serum

My goodness it's been a while since I've posted, I've been traveling once again. Also I am running another blog with a friend of mine so I will post some items from there on to my personal blog. There's link to it at the end of the page.

But I wanted to do a review on a beauty product I picked up at the Seoul Airport in South Korea:

I randomly picked up this moisturizer at one of the beauty shops located through the airport.

I happened to picked up the facial serum by It's Skin, which I found out that this company is very popular in South Korea (or so I've heard) it's also backed by dermatologists giving it a strong back ground.

~Product Features~
 ▶  Highly enriched moisturizing and nutritional ingredient that improves skin moist and elastic skin and penetrates deep into the skin's own moisture retention and strengthen the natural boseupmak landscaped Skin Moisturizing Serum high
 ▶  Given to supply sufficient moisture and nutrients chlorella extract, improves skin elasticity.
 ▶  Vigorous water circulation shows restitution. S. fulvellum extracts strengthen the moisturizing topcoat and moisture retention corners

                                                                       ~How to Use~
 ▶  Apply proper amount of contents shows seemed to spread along the skin texture and gently wipe from the center outward.

My Review:
Scent: There's a light scent but nothing too over powering.
Texture: It's light and silky when it is rubbed in.
Results: I thought it wasn't going to be enough for my skin because I was used to creamy moisturizers, when applying it is feels mostly like water. My skin believe it or not stays nice, smooth and moist.
Price: approx. $25.00 (I bought it on sale and tax free so my price was less)
Over the months that I have used this I haven't seen any random dry spots throughout the day, and my face feels smooth. Because it's mostly water it absorbs easier into your skin and can be smoothed easily as well. I use about one and a half pumps to cover my face and a little of my neck. If I could find this product at a cheaper price I would definitely buy it again.

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