Review: Circle Lenses

Because of my inspiration by the gyaru fashion and of course my general interest in general I decided to try them again. I've ordered circle lenses before, but those didn't turn out that great and they were cheap to begin with, I think I still have them but I don't wear them. Because of the last purchase I was on the fence about purchasing another pair, and because I have dark brown eyes I was also worried about color not showing. So sucking up my fears I ordered two pairs from

The lens cases are so cute~! <3 Also there was an awesome sale going on at the time, buy two get a free pair. The free pair was to be picked by the staff there~ gah the suspense! I ordered it on Dec. 27th, it was shipped the 28th and arrived at my house Dec. 31st. 

Fast shipping! I love it!! :D
Also even though I received three pairs I will only talk about one, because I have fallen in love with them and I haven't been able to wear the others.

I didn't know what the green tweezer looking things were...I assumed that they were supposed to help with putting the lens in??

The cute animal cases~! Elephant and a Bear, since I technically got three pairs there is another case, don't remember what it is though :/

Hand written note~!

 I was surprised by the hand written note, the first time I've received something like that at all, it was genuinely cute! I was also surprised that someone would take the time to actually hand write these notes to send to their customers.

So many~!!!

The contact lens here is the one that I will be focusing on. I liked this one more out of the three lenses that I got. This is the G&G BT03 Brow. When I originally saw it, it looked more red than it did brown, and the results~


✩: Not great
✩✩: It's ok
✩✩✩✩: Awesome

Comfort: ✩✩✩
 It took my eyes a while to get used to wearing contacts, I haven't worn contacts for several years. After wearing them for a few hours they were fine!

Color: ✩✩✩✩
I originally said that they were brown, but to me they look golden in my eyes, also on the model the look red on her, so I thought it was pretty cool that they turned out to be a color that I actually wanted to test out in the first place!

 Overall :✩✩✩

I love them the most! So much that I haven't worn the other ones yet!

What's your favorite color of circle lenses?

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