My long study abroad trip: Hikone Japan

I apologize for the lack of updating! I've been preparing myself for my upcoming(now happening trip) to Japan. I'll  be in Japan about four months, studying the language, the culture, and politics.

Ok freak out moment over.
I'm excited that I am here and I am more focused than ever to learn and maintain the language and study the culture, and of course it's politics. So far I've communicated effectively had minimal problems( I got myself and a new friend to the campus before all the other students arrived via the train system of Nagoya! woot woot!). While here there are few goals I have created to help me as a person:

  • Lose weight & become more toned: I want to do this because I feel that my body can become more 'fit' and I think Japan is the perfect place to do this because of how the Japanese take care of themselves. I am not going to go overboard on this, I just want to be able to fit some Japanese clothes, but keep my nice curves that I got going on.

  • Gain more knowledge for my career: I am learning about Japanese politics because I feel that having some information on this will allow for me to put my foot in the door when it comes to international work via the government or any career involving Japanese. I think in another post I mentioned that I would like to be a foreign affairs agent/specialist and I think that having knowledge on the Japanese politics will give me a head up, but also going to grad school is another thing...

  • Use my Japanese more: Currently classes hasn't started yet, but Japanese language class will be about three-four hours long so I feel that I'll be able to use my Japanese more. We have to buy everything here so I have no choice but to use it.
  •  Develop my gyaru style: I'm still in the process of learning the Gyaru style, I recently got circle lenses, and false eyelashes! A friend of mine is actually supporting my new fashion sense and I love him for it! The reason why I want to develop it more is because I'm nor completely sure of what style I like. I mean there's Onee-gyaru and then there's onee-kei, Mode...and I need to look at the different fashion styles to see which ones fit my style.

I will attempt to post more on this blog and also on the other blog that I posted earlier about.


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