Japanese Idol: Shizuka Takeda


Well she isn't exactly my idol, more of a make up Gyaru idol. Shizuka Takeda is a model for one of Japan's famous magazines, Happie Nuts, and additional plus is some of the clothes she models is awesome.

The main reason why I'm posting this is because I was doing some errands at work and also this was the day that I decided to dress down because I was only working for three hours. (When I say dress down, I mean wear jeans, a printed t-shirt and sneakers. I have not worn sneakers almost my entire semester, and only at my other part-time job).

The day that I decide to do this, a girl similar to the lady(hair color, contacts, make up) above decides to slowly walk pass me as I spoke to a mentor of mine. Not only did I have a mini heart attack I immediately felt that I was severely under dressed. I don't know why I felt that way because there are always people dressing nicely on my campus, but the unknown girl made me feel so under dressed.

I was really stunned... but it makes me want to become better at applying make up, taking care of my skin and hair, and of course applying false eye-lashes.


What's Gyaru? Here's a link to check it out: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gyaru