Fashion ala Aki 3

Another post about fashion! Unfortunately I've been kind of lazy and these are some older pics from November. :/
I've been wearing a lot of my skirts and dresses to see what I could be versitile and also warm for my upcoming trip! So skirts, dresses, and a pair of jeans in this fashion post.

In this outfit I was running errands and decided to test out this skirt. I got this skirt for $10 at Forever 21 on sale and at this time It was my second time wearing it. After the first time I wore it I didn't like the coordinate I put together and so I had to recover. Hah! I'm still working on accessories, you can barely see them but a watch and a gold ring with a lime green middle.

Blue Sparkly Beanie (Urban Outfitters)
Basic Long sleeve shirt ( T.J. Maxx)
Blazer (T.J. Maxx)
Skirt (Forever 21)
Hi Socks (Aldo)
Boots (Mr. Shoe)
Scarf (T.J. Maxx)

This was one of my errands and shopping day! I took a trip to Marshalls, can't remember if I got anything but this was also a test, not for my trip though it was more for the jacket. This is the first piece of clothing or outerwear that I have that's pink. I went through my Tomboy phase (I'm still in it in my own way) and had a bad run in with the color pink. I'm not sure if I like this coordination. If I don't I'll take it down later.

Pink Faux Leather jacket (Boston Store)
Navy/Cream striped shirt (T.J. Maxx)
Skinny Jeans
Booties (Express)

ASOS Mini Dress (ASOS)
Blazer (T.J. Maxx)
Scarf (T.J. Maxx)

 This lovely little dress is a new addition to my collection! Thanks to StyleSuzi (I love her btw! Click on the name to go to her blog.) I got this dress from ASOS and for a good deal too $13 with free shipping! With this dress I took a chance I wanted to do something more with color and print. I realized I didn't have a lot of color and a friend of mine asked me something that pointed out something to me:

"I don't have a lot of prints or patterned shirts. Does that make me boring?" - Him
"Yes." -Me

I thought to myself...
 "That means that I'm boring too, because I don't have a lot of prints or patterns either!" 

 So in my mini self-realization moment I started looking for patterned and printed items I found this beauty on ASOS! I was skepitcal about it because I'm 5''2 and anything below my knees makes me seem short and the model that was wearing was 5''6' and wearing heels, but I took a chance and I love it! You can't see all of it, but near the top in the left picture there is lace there a little above the breasts and a little bit above the shoulder blades in the back.
I got lots of compliments too! <3  


"Style is knowing who you are, what you want to say, and not giving a damn." - Gore Vidal 

This quote stood out to me in one of my fashion books, it makes total sense if you think about it. Think about all the fashion gurus and the aspiring fashion designers, the fashionistas, hell even the gyarus in Japan. They know they know who they are and that they look good, they say what they want because they cam, and they don't give a damn.

A new mindset perhaps?


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