Fashion ala Aki 2

I've been meaning to post these as of last summer, haha, but it kinda slipped my mind and I've just been taking a lot of pictures of what I've been wearing. I think I mentioned in an earlier post that I am getting more into fashion because of different fashion styles via Japan's Gyaru styles, cosplaying, and just the classy-ness of my idols. Since I have taken these pictures I have added, donated, and changed my fashion since then. A lot of the pictures are basic fashion things, stating with basics is the way to go. I also want to point out that I have lost some weight so there might be a difference.

 Sun Hat (Boston Store)
Cargo Dress (Forever 21)
Belt (Charlotte Rue)
Purse on the left (Aldo)
Shoes (Payless)
Watch (Goodwill & Charming Charlie)

Dress (Rue 21)
Necklace (Franchesca's)

Basic things build up a good foundation for an awesome wardrobe. I actually have two books that are related to fashion in possession, I finished one and I am on my to completing the other. I noticed that a lot of fashion books have general tips that pretty much tell you to start with basics, including accessories.

The accessory part I found kind of difficult because growing up I was mostly a tomboy, which usually meant I was doing a lot of running around and roughing up boys. As I am much older now I am still moving slow with accessories, but watches and some bracelets, sometimes rings have popped up in some of my fashion. I love rings, but I can't seem to keep them on my fingers. ( I take them off, put it in my pocket and it ends up in the washer.)

More pictures, tips from the fashion books to come!


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