The weather it, comes!

It's late October and that means that November is right around the corner...

It really it is though, this Thursday will be November first! Which means it's one step closer to the snow coming and having to deal with my mother's complaining about shoveling the snow. Don't get me wrong I love snow and the cold, but I am a summer baby so you will not see me outside unless I have to be. I call it my hibernation mode. On the other hand my mother's complaining. She has a snow-blower that she has yet to use, but yet she ends up shoveling the snow anyways.

Back to the weather and other stuff, speaking about the weather a hurricane is approaching the east coast! This is the second time I've heard about a hurricane being this late in the season. Geez, there are a few reasons why I'm paying attention to it. One, supposedly it's a monster storm that's going to bring, rain, snow, sleet, what have you to the east coast and bring high winds and rain to the Mid-west. Second, I want to go to grad school there...specifically in the area that going to be hit the hardest, Washington D.C

Hm, so much about having good weather, anyways lately I've been stocking up on tea, and coffee mostly teas. I mean I used to have a small amount of tea from the Celestial Brand, but now I have loose leaf teas, and several individual packed teas. Most of them are black teas, which is supposed to give you an energy boost, promote a health heart etc. and I just realized it has a lot of caffeine in it. About 20% that is more than Green, and Oolong Tea.
Maybe that's why I'm all over the place...haha??
Also a friend of mine brought back some tea from Japan when she went a summer program, one loose leaf, and others a instant ( I guess?) I haven't opened them, I've been waiting for that perfect day when it's crispy cold and I'm waiting for the bus to go to class, I'll be able to sip on the green and peach tea she gave me while hopefully looking fashionable. Haha that's just a image that I have in my head, then again I do have a lot of images and thoughts swirling around

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