Japan...the dream

Through all the classes, and irritations of life in the United States, I think I might have a chance of going to Japan again, hopefully twice this year!

I bet you're wondering 'Didn't she already go to Japan?' You're right I did, but this time to actually study. I went through AIESEC and is was more like discovering myself and how the Japanese function in AIESEC. Which of course I found out and discovered more of myself in the process through the members of AIESEC.


After turning in my one of my fees for the study abroad program (I still have another one...bullocks!) I realized that there was no turning back. This is something that I have to do no matter what...I mean this is what I have wanted to do since I began learning Japanese back in middle school. I want to become better at  Japanese, I want to speak fluently, I want to be able to have confidence in myself when I speak.

Through college these are the things that have surfaced while I was taking Japanese ( I'm done with all the semesters btw.) I finally figured out why I loathed Japanese class while I was taking it, and figured out what I need to improve.

( I seriously hated going to Japanese because I wasn't really focusing in class nor was I retaining anything...well maybe some of the Kanji but not really anything else. It wasn't the professor's fault it was that damned book.)

I'm trying to keep optimistic about this program, seeing how I meet all of the requirements except for one, but that's going to change after this fall semester. I also just need to see about another program I pushed to the side in order to receive more funding by going through a University sponsored program, but seeing how I'll be able to still apply, because technically I'll still be enrolled by the time the application is due. ( totally lucky on that!)

All I can do is hope for the best because getting better at Japanese is something that I have been looking forward to. Also I after watching a video I stumbled upon on youtube.com turns out I was able to understand pretty much all of what they were saying...( another realization of how hard I am when it comes to my Japanese.) Here's the video:

I was really amazed at all of the people around the world that spoke Japanese, some countries I wouldn't have thought to even want to learn Japanese. A mind changer.

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