Day Ten: The journey is drawing to a close.

So today is the last day of my three-day train trek back to the Midwest. Besides the people around me this was a good mini solo vacation. I got to see the country that I live in and parts that aren’t seen on a daily basis, and also I got time to myself with out the nagging from the parents and whoever else. Alas this time will be over shortly and I’ll have to go back to working and dealing with the nagging, but luckily its winter break so I got sometime to myself when I’m not working. 

I’m not sure of the states that we’ve passed through since a lot of the traveling has been done through the night, at least the faster pace traveling. I went to bed, which was uncomfortable next time I travel on a train I will bring my own pillow the pillows provided are something to laugh at, anyways I think I was traveling through Colorado, woke up we were traveling through Nebraska, and now I’m traveling though Iowa. If I remember correctly I’ll be in Illinois shortly, and I’m not for sure which way we traveled to get to where we are going, I’ll make sure next time I grab a schedule. One of the things I found that I highly dislike, is being surrounded by children, I hate them with a passion.   

My day started with a red bull and finishing my almonds I bought before for the longest time I didn’t have an appetite, but I think it might be returning. On a lighter note I’ve began reading one of my favorite series of books again, “Tears of Pearl” by Tasha Alexander. I tried to hold off on it but I gave in and started to read it again.

Sigh I don’t want to go back so fast…I just want to read more and write, but since its Winter Break I’ll have time to do that while working. Yay. Since this is the last day this will be my last entry for Milwaukee in San Francisco and the traveling Aki

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