Day nine: Traveling along...

I just have one more day of traveling before I get to Chicago, and then back to the world of chaos. It’s currently 9:20am mountain time so I believe back in Wisconsin it should be about 10am. I’ve traveled through obviously California, Nevada, Utah, and I’m currently traveling through Colorado. Very mountainous region but just looking at the mountains you can somewhat sense history. This is really fun just seeing all of the country at least so far. 

Also the Japanese couple that was sitting next to me left today. The wife gave me more things that could help me learn more Japanese culture, which I am super excited to research, but unfortunately the train does not have internet access. I think it was yesterday I talked to one of the sons, I asked him if he was alright, in Japanese of course, and he didn’t know what it meant. I think my mind may have stopped a bit, but I remembered her telling me teaching her children Japanese is difficult and I really believe it.

Since being on the train I’ve been focusing on my fanfiction writings, I haven’t finished one but since I have another day’s worth of red bull I think I’ll get some finished…but I kind of wish no one would sit next to me…and what do you know another family with two loud obnoxious children sits across from me.

Good grief.

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