Nice to meet you Hiyoshi Japan!

I know that this is long over due, but things have gotten out of hand since I've been back. So in the time I should be doing something productive...I'm going to write about my CEEDership in Hiyoshi Japan.

To begin a CEEDership is when a member of an AIESEC local committee goes to a different local committee in a different country to help out with things they need help with. In my case it was recruiting Freshmen at their campus.

Now I was slightly worried about doing that, hell I was worried about a lot of things! Like getting lost in the airport, missing my plane, something going wrong with that plane, was there going to be someone there to pick me up, things like that. This was before I left the country of course. I tried to look up things that would help me when in Japan, but communication between the members of the Hiyoshi local committee was a tad difficult. I found out that if you are not texting them on their cellphones, facebook and email responses will take sometime. So going with my better judgement I packed what I thought the weather would be like...and sheez was I wrong about the weather.

When the time for me to leave came closer I became excited and scared, but I knew that doing this I would benefit from just putting myself out there, and besides Japanese people are nice.

So I took the 14 hour journey across the US and the Pacific Ocean to the land of the rising sun I swear I couldn't stop looking out the window, I was lucky that I had a window seat otherwise...I'm not for sure what would have happened, haha.

As I made my way through customs and out to meet the person I was suppose to meet, my mind almost exploded. There was no one there with a sign or anything, so I didn't I didn't panic...I looked for young adult that was frantically looking around for someone and figured that would be the person I needed to meet. But the person I found was looking at his cell phone reading messages about something ( maybe about when I was to arrive?) and occasionally looking around for someone.

Problem # 1 solved!

Takuro Miyahara! Nice to meet you! Takuro was a really nice person to be around. I'm glad he was one of the first people I was to meet that day

After a short meeting we got our train tickets and made our way to my new home in Hiyoshi, is part of Yokohama in the Kanagawa prefecture. Keio University is there, if you know where that is you know where Hiyoshi is.

I think the train ride was about an hour and a half? I wasn't for sure the weather was clouding my mind. I had a sweatshirt, leggings, knee socks, and boots on, the weather...had to be at least 70 degrees. Totally not what I expected the weather to be, I packed for weather similar to Wisconsin, and the weather was about 50ish degrees when I left. I wanted to kick myself.

During the train ride Takuro and I talked a bit, about what I don't remember, but he carried my crazy heavy dufflebag...I swear I thought it was going to break him, he was so slim... aaah I didn't want to be rude and tell him No, and I know that he was being nice to carry it for me but still! And on the way to our destination we met a friend of his and they obviously talked and I listed ( sorry Takuro! ) of course I don't remember what they said but I was using my Japanese to translate already. Yay. :)

Back to the train ride, we passed through places I knew about, Shinjuku, Shibuya, Harajuku, all the places that were drilled in my mind due to anime.

After changing trains and getting to the Hiyoshi station we made our way to Keio carrying my duffle bag and my backpack with the goods in it, we reached our meeting place, Fujiyama. Not the mountain, haha its the meeting place that was on the top of a small hill at Keio.
This pic is looking down from Fujiyama.

This is where I was to be everyday, it was their meeting point for AIESEC, I thought was really cool. Well the whole campus was cool, and near by was a high school for boys I think? I've only seen it a couple of times ( it was on the opposite side of Fujiyama.)

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