That random person on a Vespa.

For a few weeks now I've seen this person on a Vespa on the way to college, now I watch a lot of people but this one person made me think about the possible future I've laid out in front of me. This person...

A fashionable black man on silver Vespa.

I'm not for sure what about him makes me think about my future, maybe its because he looks like he's accomplished? He looks fashionable in his grey pinstriped suit and with his Vespa. I'm not for sure.

But I've been thinking about my future on and off when I'm not swamped in homework. I've been planing my classes for the next semesters, finding out when I'm graduating, things along those lines. I've been working towards things that will allow many possibilities, like involving myself in AIESEC, focusing on Japanese, Graduate School, networking. I know things like that will help me move ahead in this economy, things are tough for my generation, and for the next generations.

Ever since that day in September I was told that my generation would be the one that deals with all the consequences of the future government and president would cause. How everything is going now my generation needs to pick up their heads and get into gear into fixing the problems that were caused.

So I've mentally kicked my butt and put myself out there with the mentality of "I've got nothing to lose, but more to gain." I'm preparing myself for the world, and keeping my mentality strong.

Corny, but this is how I see it.


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