Mentally Drained.

I'm laying in bed trying to do my homework because of procrastination and AIESEC meetings. My phone vibrates to let me know I got a message. I glance at it noticing my battery is dying, and to see who it is from. I frown and put my phone down as I try to continue my work, but then get irritated as I know how important the details of the text message is. I roll my eyes, putting my homework on hold I start to attend to the text message's task

I find myself getting irritated very quickly. I'm not sure if its because of all the crap I have on plate this semester or its because of certain people asking me to do things thinking I have plenty of time on my hands and I don't. The semester just recently started and I feel like I am getting behind in everything. Japanese, Global Studies and Economics which is pretty much everything. Usually I'm perfectly fine when it comes to being under pressure of things, but not when you're asking me to do something when I am obviously busy.

Do you not care or something? Do you want me to yell profanities at you til you understand how frustrated you're making me? I've woken up with migraines because of crap like this, which is obviously a sign of too much pressure or stress or both.

Ugh I feel a head ache coming...and I haven't even started my Japanese. I don't even feel like attending class well mostly studies...economics...nothing I don't even feel like leaving my bed for classes or anything for that matter.

I'm done.

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