Getting back in to things...maybe.

The sounds of a coffee grinder echos through the small coffee house, different blends of coffee infiltrates my nose causing it to almost itch. There’s students, the elderly, the youth and toddlers pass through. I know that I have a task that must be completed in a timely matter, but I focus on things the people and the things that I see in this coffee house, and wonder why the hell are teenagers getting coffee?

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged. This have gotten busy as usual, but I am glad to say that it’s calming down now! The conference that I hosted went very well but there were a lot of people that forgot things or lost things, I find that hilarious by the way. But hosting this conference I think its safe to say that I can effectively host a damn good conference!

Haha…I hope I’m not being looked at funny for smiling so big…

Anyways, the conference is what took up most of my time, oh and not to mention that I had a Japanese Chapter test before and Economics exam after that weekend…and pretty much I felt like sailor moon afterwards, which sucks…but I do know that I’ll have time to study…hell I’ll make time to study.

Starbucks, red bull and the Golda Meir Library will be the bane of my existence.

On a lighter note I tested out my competitive skills and found out that they are not that bad, it's just the waiting that kills me. You’re wondering how I did that? Well in AIESEC our president had to step back due to graduating earlier so we had our presidential elections early and three people including me decided to run for the position.  Also during this time I found out that my public speaking skills aren’t that bad either.

After all the speeches I didn’t get the position, truthfully I was a tad bit bummed but I knew that if I took on this responsibility I would have died.  ミション無理と思う。

Running for a high-ranking position to test out competitive skills, public speaking. Mission Accomplished.

But now I am running for the Vice President of Communications. Which I find hilarious by the way, I ‘m not a people person but yet I’m running for this position. I suppose I’m unconsciously pushing myself? That’s a good thing, yo.

The only thing is I find myself losing what I normally would do, like writing. I haven’t had time to write, and it shows with my blog. I am also a fan fiction writer…yes I know I am a geek in some aspects but it's a de-stressor for me, so is video games but I haven’t had time to play those either so I’m holding a lot of stress…which is horrible for my body. But yet I can’t…

I can’t do it….so I continue…and then its too late…my body starts showing signs of stress.

Ahh…it feels like this post is going down hill ne?

Enough of that…time for Homework.

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