You got dat Red Bull?

Second day of class and I find myself waiting in the library for my student org's meeting. 
On the third floor, looking down in the small courtyard and the people walking about to their classes or where ever. I look up to see the last rays of the sun disappearing from the sky and the distant moon in the sky. Unknowingly I  start to pick at my nails, and noticed there's a chip in one. I start to pick at it which usually leads to disaster...and it did...and it happened to be my middle finger.

bai bai fingernail lol.

It is the second day of class, and today happens to be my longest day, when I returned to my house of wonders I was there for ten minutes. Once again I disappeared for a moment and came back and collapsed and eventually fell asleep listening to the latest news on politics...and something else about Lee, Irene and Katia...anyways I have been waking up at 5:30am everyday to prepare myself for work on some days, class and make myself breakfast and lunch which seemed to be going well for a while, but today I'm not sure. I was exhausted after three classes that last on an average of an hours and fifteen minutes.

Aaah my wonderful classes, I was stoked for Yoga in the morning. It was so awesome it relaxed me for the day until one of my friends saw a professor she has a crush on and insists that he's going to be the father of her children.

After yoga there is my Japanese class which is awesome, seventh semester Japanese...and I'm still not officially fluent enough. I mean don't get me wrong I can have a conversation with you but it'll be broken, switching between short form, long form and honorific form.

Haha I can do that really smoothly, switching to different forms...I laugh at myself in my head sometimes...but continuing on about Japanese.

We were required to buy a new book for the class which turns out to be a Kanji workbook. I had the chance to look through it while waiting for my Global Studies class and I figured we should have had this book at the beginning instead of starting it at chapter 9 in the textbook...way to go Japanese department, you know the Japanese students have a hard time remembering Kanji...anyways I'm kinda-almost-sort-of-maybe excited to use the book...but I think I'm not using it right already.


I can't wait to get started I'm ready to push myself seeing as Japanese will finally be my minor...(it should have been that to begin with haha) Speaking of which I do have homework for that class...I should probably get on that ne?

Moving on I noticed that a couple of my other classes have professors from different countries teaching them. Yep...that means accents. I love em but not when I can almost not understand them. There are some accents I can't comprehend...I think its the accents from Africa and maybe from Asia (I'm not hating on the Africans, naw man.) I do find people from Asia to be cute with their Engrish, it could be because I have been around a lot of Asian people coughcoughIwenttoJapancoughcough so I just find it cute. But since having a math professor that was from Russia ( I think ) I have trained myself to pay attention their words and try to piece together what they are saying...I guess that is the best way to explain how I listen?? I dunno...

Hopefully this semester will go well, I have my sights set for grad school and I need to prove myself!


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