Go Kick Rocks Stress


GO.KICK.ROCKS. STRESS I feel like I'm under stress constantly, and most of the stress is located directly one floor underneath me and two rooms away from mine. All of it starts at my house of many wonders...(I hope you guys can sense the sarcasm dripping from my words) yeeeeeah~

Home is suppose to be a sanctuary right? I try to make my single room that sanctuary, you know girly things ( most of my friends would shake their heads in disbelief, but its true) and pastel colors to make me happy. Even though I do these thing it doesn't always work, my room is usually mess because I'm lazy to clean it or the fact that when I come back from where ever I ran away to I have to do things for a computer-illiterate-responsibility-pushing someone at my house. I swear they can't do anything, and because of that I am always stressed.

Also since classes has started I have an additional stress, you know getting back into the groove with waking up at 5:30am to make breakfast and begone by 7:30am to get to class on time. Doesn't that sound wonderful? Not to mention that the timing for the AIESEC conference is fast approaching and I just got my team of three up and hopefully things get put together quickly...this is not how I wanted it to be when I applied for the position. Lol I want my money back kind of...haha

Sometimes I want to be a gaming-anti-social-hermit-aki, but alas I have to be the super-short-always-moving-aki-so-people-can-function-in-the-house-of-wonders.