Fashion ala Aki

I'll be posting random photos of my fashion sense I suppose.

Something simple to go to work in, jeans, a tee, a watch and a small accessory. I am a front desk assistant at my local college so I don't need to dress up so much. I will also be posting other things that I wear except for when I work at my other job.

For reasons unknown I suddenly got into fashion, how did that happen probably from all the fashion-esqe shows that I watch (i.e What not to Wear, How do I look...etc) Also I am writing a story that has some fashion aspects in it so I need to brush up on my fashion sense.

For the most part I've noticed that I wear a lot of basics but that's ok, that's what makes up a wardrobe right? Right. Also I'm still getting used to what my lil' sis/friend say that I have "You have child bearing hips"  I swear I cringe every time she says that...bleh...but I mean there's not much I can do about that except for some super work out schedule of doom. :/


  1. I have to comment.
    FASHION! You've reminded me that I have to post my fashion section too. I was distracted with my fitness/weight loss post and then posts about ridiculous things in life.
    Next post though, I will! WHEEE!

    And you do have child bearing hips. I noticed that in the pics too. BUT HEY! They are nothing to be ashamed of! They are beautiful and they make you a woman!