Aki Nishidake

For the first official post I'll shed some light on who I might be, and what's going on with this blog.

Well first I am a Art college student working towards a minor in Global Communication and I'm also fitting an Asian Studies certificate in there too. I like Fashion, interior design, and Global Affairs. An interesting cup a tea no?

I know Japanese...but then again what pre-teen, tween, or whoever else doesn't these days since Anime is so popular now. Give me Salior Moon, Gundam Wing or even Yu Yu Hakusho and now we are talking!
I don't like the new Anime, So I prefer Manga, like I said the new Anime is too popular for me

I am a gamer, Final Fantasy VII will be my favorite hands down. Speaking of Final Fantasy the title of the blog actually comes from a specific move from the character Lighting in Final Fantasy XIII, called 'Army of One' Don't know what it looks like? Go check it out on Youtube I'm sure its there. As of right now Bioware has my attention! Oh Bioware I am your fangirl slave....You better make Mass Effect 3 game of the year or else! <3

 I am also a writer, not a professional writer of course. I started writing at 13 and I've been writing since. What do I write you ask? Lots of fan fiction. ( stories that are created by fans of games, anime, comics,movies etc)  I am trying to change up my way of writing and thinking so there are a few stories that are realistic I suppose.

As for the blog here this was a spur of the moment thing. A friend and I were thinking about making blogs and putting stuff on there that inspires us and Fashion stuffs and other what nots. Let's see how this goes :D


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